President's Message


President's  Message

The month of January is named for the Roman god “Janus”, the god of beginnings and transitions who had two faces: one looking forward, the other looking back. How we've experienced great success in every department and activity in 2015, bringing a wide variety of programs to the community! A great team of volunteers delivered our biggest banquet yet in October, featuring TV Ontario’s Steve Paikin as guest speaker. We celebrated the 200th birthday of Sir John A. Macdonald, both at our public presentation in January (the largest one ever held), and during our historical bus tours which filled two buses in May and June. Our 8-page newsletter, The Outlook continues to be one of the best in Ontario, while our monthly presentations have grown to an average attendance of well over 100 persons. The Society’s list of achievements in 2015 is much longer; I invite you to read details in our Annual Report, which will be posted here in the next couple of weeks.

Even more exciting is our view towards 2016, as we move the Community Archives and the Society’s office to their new location downtown in the building which also houses the Belleville Public Library. As we begin the new year, we’re already planning programs and activities that look to achieve our goals and objectives of promoting and encouraging research into the great heritage of Hastings County and its cities, towns, and villages. We participate in public events related to that heritage, bringing stories to the whole population. We provide information and education on all aspects of our history: the people, events, and places that make us who we are today. As the Board of Directors and our team of volunteers begin their work in January and beyond, these goals and objectives will guide our decisions. 

Just as Janus is watching over the transition to the year 2016, we would invite you to do the same. News and upcoming events will be announced on our website, in our monthly Outlook newsletter, and through the media on a regular basis. So why not join us, learn more about your local heritage, and have some fun with the diverse programs offered through the Hastings Historical Society.

Richard M. Hughes


January 1, 2016